Classes and Levels

Every track consists of 4 hours of classes (2 hours each day, with a break).

Shag enthusiasts who, for example, want to train in both roles or like repeating the basics may also register for two different tracks, always according to their dance level.
Please be sure you really have the level you are registering for. Your classmates will appreciate it.

38° – slightly elevated temperature – Beginner / Refresher*

This is your first Collegiate Shag class or you have already participated in one or more Collegiate Shag tasters. Swing dance experience is recommended but not mandatory. This level is also suitable for everyone who has already done regular classes or international workshops but wants to repeat the basics before continuing with the next level.

*Note: this class may start already on Friday around 5 pm. We will give you more info as soon as possible.

39° – moderate to high fever – Improver / Intermediate

You have done regular classes or several international workshops of Collegiate Shag. Your legs do the basic steps mostly on their own and you can use your frame and arm connection for your leading or following. You are starting to dance to medium shag tempo songs at socials.

40° – severe fever (not lethal) – Intermediate+ /Int.-Adv.

You have been dancing Collegiate Shag on a regular basis for at least one year, perhaps more. You love dancing Shag at social dances, also to medium or high tempo without difficulties.